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Thursday 3 October 2013

Real-world feminism

The March of the Moderates

What do we want?
Gradual change.
When do we want it?
In due course...

This is the caption to my favourite cartoon, by Matt Pritchett, I think.

Here is a variation:

The March of the Moderate Feminists

What do we want?
Equality and respect.
When do we want it?
ASAP please.

Sometimes it feels as though uber-radical feminists have taken over the world. That men are the enemy. That ordinary women with husbands or partners who love and care for them have no place in the feminist movement.

The strident man-haters are setting an agenda unrecognisable to the majority of women, who understand that while they want change, they also have to live in the world as it is - and transformation takes time.

Women seeking release from abusive relationships, the right not to be groped on the Tube and equal opportunity and remuneration are not helped by screeching harpies who wilfully misinterpret every word or action from those who do not believe that all men are rapists.

SubScribe's sister blog addressed these issues last week, and spelt out a philosophy for what it called real-world feminism.

It has now been suggested that SubScribe followers may not have been aware of the blog, hence this linking post.

Here is the link - and glitches with the comment element should, fingers crossed, have been sorted.

Please tell your friends.

A charter for real-world feminism

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